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Season 2, Episode 7

Money Psychology & Playing the Long Game with Alex Hillman

Episode Summary

We talk with Alex Hillman about lessons for freelancers and indie consultants from his recently released book, the Tiny MBA. Alex drops a lot of wisdom in this episode about how to tackle and unpack some of the issues we face with money psychology, playing the long game of business, and more.

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This episode we talk with Alex Hillman. For more than 10 years, Alex and his business partner Amy Hoy have run Stacking the Bricks, where they teach creative people how to bootstrap their own businesses and become sustainably independent. Alex is also the co-founder of Indy Hall, Philadelphia’s first coworking space. He’s always thinking about the intersection of people, relationships, trust and business. Find Alex on Twitter at https://twitter.com/alexhillman


  • Kai Davis
  • Meg Cumby
  • Reuven Lerner


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