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Kai Davis ~ Resident Marketing Aficionado

Kai helps indie consultants (and freelancers) get more leads without spending more on marketing. Kai has a decade of experience in internet marketing and direct marketing, is the author of Get More Leads, and is a prolific podcast guest.

You can sign up for Kai’s DAILY letter on marketing at kaidavis.com/letters/

Meg Cumby ~ Case Study Casanova

Meg helps coaches and consultants get case studies and testimonials without the awkwardness.

With a background in journalism and both public and private-sector communications, she’s been freelancing/consulting since 2013.

Marg Reffell ~ Web Developer | Educator | Freelance Mentor

Marg has been a freelancer, and business owner for the last 12 years. With a background in Web Development, she now provides coaching to freelancers on how to grow their businesses, complete with her own library of ready-to-use guides, and templates build specifically for web developers and designers.

Grab your free guides and templates here: https://freelance-blueprint.com/resources/

Erik Dietrich ~ Content Marketing Master

Erik is a grizzled software industry veteran, former CIO and solo IT management consultant. These days he is the founder and CEO of Hit Subscribe, a content marketing business that creates expert content for companies marketing to software engineers.

Reuven Lerner ~ Python Pro

Reuven teaches Python and data science to companies around the world, and to individuals online. He has been a freelancer since 1995, published “Python Workout” with Manning, and was Linux Journal’s senior columnist for 20 years. Reuven lives with his wife and three teenage children in Modi’in, Israel.

Jeremy Green ~ SaaS Superhero

Jeremy is an independent software consultant who helps companies take full advantage of cloud resources. He also runs a number of small SaaS products and makes music in his spare time.